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Welcome to Mama Mary’s home on the web.

Have a question? Need advice? Want information? Have to know the truth? Ask Mama Mary.
What this place is all about Mama Mary is here to answer your questions, give advice and guidance , and sometimes tell amusing anecdotes. Well, they're amusing to Mama Mary, anyway. If you need help with love, hate, sex, drugs, rock'n'roll, or just coping with living life as a responsible adult, ask Mama Mary your question. There's a button on each page where you can click to ask Mama Mary and get an answer. Your question, and Mama Mary's answer, may elucidate other readers, but if youíre that embarassed, she will answer confidentially via email.  There's also a place to get Mama Mary's book, "Rules for Daughters," and eventually, we'll be presenting the Mama Mary Show, a web series. With sock puppets. So read the Q & As, buy the book for someone who needs it, and follow Mama Mary (@ask_mamamary) on Twitter for updates on the web show (and retweets. Who has time to tweet their own random thoughts when itís all you can do to follow everyone elseís random thoughts and links?)
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